LIVBC will be forming 14 & Under teams for the Spring Season.  The teams will practice twice per week,
Thursday at the Sports Arena and Sunday at Coindre Hall in Huntington.  Specific times will be discussed at
the parent meeting before the tryout.  It is critically important to register for the tryout so we can get in touch with everyone during these trying times.  Dates, times and locations could change.

The tournament schedule will include one to two tournaments in the NY-NJ area in April/May and USA East Coast Championships in Richmond, Virginia on Memorial Day weekend.

LIVBC is part of the GEVA Region of USA Volleyball.  GEVA recently announced that all touranments, tryouts or scrimmages are cancelled thru March 25th.  We have postponed our tryouts until Sunday, March 29th in order to comply with these regulations.  If GEVA lifts the ban sooner, we will post on this site.   

Tryout Schedule:  Directions to all sites can be found under Training Locations

Sunday, March 29th       1:30pm-3:30pm, Coindre Hall, Huntington

 Click HERE to register