What is club volleyball?

Club volleyball consists of regionally organized and governed training programs and tournaments for girls interested in advanced level training and competition in the sport of volleyball.  Players participate outside of their school volleyball programs and compete against other club teams.  Club volleyball also works to promote the sport of volleyball and to teach the skills needed for a lifetime of play.  LIVBC is a member of the Garden Empire Volleyball Association (GEVA - www.GEVA.org), which is a region of USA Volleyball, and competes in both travel and regional tournaments. 

How do I get involved?
All interested players must register for and attend pre-season tryouts, which are held in mid to late September each year.  Exact dates and details are posted on the LIVBC website when scheduled.  There is a fee for tryouts, which is listed with the tryout information.

How are teams selected?
Team members are selected based on various talents and team needs.  Athletic ability, position, effort, attitude and endurance are among the attributes evaluated when determining the structure of a team.  When athletes are evaluated during a tryout, coaches utilize as many objective factors as possible.  The number of teams formed each season will vary depending on the number of girls who try out, the level of talent and the availability of coaches.  There may be cuts in one age group, but not in others.  Your position will be determined by ability and the needs of the team.  Players may be chosen to play a different position than they played on their school team.

How many players are on a team?
Approximately 10-12 players are chosen for each team.

What age group should I try out for?
All players must try out for their USA Volleyball age group / school grade, which is defined in the table below.  Since the USAV birth date is earlier than the school date in New York, girls born in July through November will typically not fit the table.  If that is the case, players should attend the tryout that matches their grade level and they will be placed according to team needs.

NOTE - Starting with the 2020-21 season, USAV has changed the cut-off date for each age group from September 1st to July 1st.

Age Group (2021-22)                        Players born on or after July 1st of

14 & Under  (8th grade)                                2007
15 & Under  (9th grade)                                2006
16 & Under  (10th grade)                              2005
17 & Under  (11th grade)                              2004
18 & Under  (12th grade)                              2003  OR  after 7/1/2002 and is a current HS student

Generally LIVBC does not allow players to “play up” a division.  However, exceptions are sometimes made based on team needs, at the sole discretion of LIVBC.

How much does it cost to join?
Tuition is discussed at the parent meeting which is held either prior to tryouts or on the first day of tryouts. 

Does tuition cover all player expenses?

What tuition covers:

  • Gym space
  • Liability insurance
  • Team equipment
  • Coaches’ salaries, fees and travel expenses
  • Administration 
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Uniforms and personal volleyball

What tuition does not cover:

  • Travel expenses to and from tournaments
  • Hotel rooms for travel tournaments
  • Food at tournaments
  • USA Volleyball membership

How many tournaments are included in my membership?

The number of tournaments varies from year to year and from team to team.  Travel teams in the 15s to 18s age groups usually attend 3-4 overnight travel tournaments (see Tournament Schedule tab HERE) and additional regional GEVA tournaments, which are 1-day events that typically do not require an overnight stay.  The younger age groups usually attend fewer overnight events.  When there is enough interest, we sometimes have Local teams as well.  These teams only attend 1-day GEVA tournaments with overnight travel typically not required.  All teams are registered with GEVA and participate in the year-end Regional playoffs.


Are all Local / GEVA tournaments held on Long Island? 
No.  A "Local" tournament is a 1-day event hosted by GEVA or another club within the GEVA region.  The GEVA region covers Long Island, New Jersey, the New York Metropolitan area (up to Orange and Dutchess Counties) and a portion of western Connecticut.  When choosing tournaments to enter we try to keep the teams close to home, depending on available openings and travel tournament schedules.  However, when entering GEVA-sponsored events, GEVA places the teams and locations are out of our control.  Travel to some venues could require a 2-3 hour drive, though 3 hours is rare.


Do all players get equal playing time at tournaments?
No, not necessarily.  Playing time at a tournament is strictly at the coach’s discretion and will not always be equal for all players.  All players will get equal training time during practices.

Do parents have to attend all tournaments? 
While parent support is greatly appreciated (by both the club and the girls), parents are not required to attend all tournaments.  However, parents are responsible for finding another parent who will provide transportation, lodging and supervision for their daughter in their absence.  

What is a team parent? 
A team parent is a responsible adult assigned to each team who serves as a communication liaison between players, parents, coaches and directors.  If you are interested in volunteering to be a team parent, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after your daughter has been placed on a team.

Where do players stay while attending travel tournaments?
Players stay in hotel rooms with their parents during travel tournaments.  LIVBC will block a number of rooms for parents at a local hotel, and then it is the parents’ responsibility to make their own reservations and payment arrangements - either through a booking site or by contacting the hotel directly.  Details about each hotel and directions for booking rooms will be communicated to the parents as they become available.

When and where do you practice?
Practices will be held twice per week - usually once on the weekend and once during the week, which will be different for each team.  Historically, weekend practices have been held at The Sisters of St Joseph facility in Brentwood and weekday practices at Sports Arena in St James or at another local facility, depending on available gym space.  However, St Joseph's has not been available to us during the ongoing pandemic so weekend practices are also at Sports Arena.  The days and locations for the practices will be discussed during the parents meeting at the time of tryouts.  Players are expected to attend both weekly practices.

How long is the season?
The LIVBC season usually runs from late-November through early May.

What if I have additional questions?
If you have any questions that are not answered above, please email Jennie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..